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NameDate Of BirthPlace Of BirthDate Of Death
UBERT, Living (Living)
UNK, Agnes 1614Uhlbach, Esslingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany7 JUL 1648
UNK, Alice ABT 1537England
UNK, Alice 1507England
UNK, Alice 1627
UNK, Alice P 1875
UNK, Alicia
UNK, Living (Living)
UNK, Amanda 1851IA
UNK, Amanda 1849
UNK, Amanda ABT 1846MO
UNK, Amy M
UNK, Ann
UNK, Ann
UNK, Ann
UNK, Ann
UNK, Ann Elizabeth
UNK, Anna ABT 1689Fairfield, Cumberland, NJ
UNK, Anna
UNK, Anna Catharina
UNK, Anna Maria
UNK, Anna Maria 1625Schwaigern, Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
UNK, Anna Sophia
UNK, Barbara ABT 1740VA8 APR 1815
UNK, Living (Living)
UNK, Caroline
UNK, Caroline Germany
UNK, Catherine ABT 17585 OCT 1836
UNK, Living (Living)
UNK, Charlotte
UNK, Christena 19 JAN 1787Paris, Bourbon Co, KY28 SEP 1862
UNK, Christiana
UNK, Dean
UNK, Living (Living)
UNK, Dicey C
UNK, Dolly
UNK, Edith OCT 1873
UNK, Eleanor
UNK, Elenor G C 31 AUG 17993 MAR 1877
UNK, Eliza
UNK, Elizabeth
UNK, Elizabeth
UNK, Elizabeth
UNK, Elizabeth ABT 18271898
UNK, Elizabeth ABT 1750
UNK, Elizabeth
UNK, Elizabeth 22 JAN 1838VA6 APR 1897
UNK, Elizabeth
UNK, Elizabeth
UNK, Elizabeth 1532Boston, Boston Borough, Lincolnshire, England
UNK, Ellen
UNK, Ellen 1849IN
UNK, Emma 1905TN
UNK, Emma
UNK, Emma
UNK, Estella Helena
UNK, Esther
UNK, Ethel A 1897MT
UNK, Ethel Alverta 30 JUN 191823 OCT 1987
UNK, Eva
UNK, Living (Living)
UNK, Grace
UNK, Grace Glick
UNK, Hannah
UNK, Hannah
UNK, Hannah
UNK, Hazel A 28 MAR 1968
UNK, Hettie
UNK, Living (Living)
UNK, Jane 1850PA
UNK, Jane BEF 1765
UNK, Jane
UNK, Jane
UNK, Jean 1686Renfrewshire, Scotland
UNK, Judith 1578Ipswich, Suffolk, England17 APR 1648
UNK, Lara
UNK, Letitia Hannah 15 OCT 1767Augusta Co, VA25 AUG 1841
UNK, Living (Living)
UNK, Lucilla Mercy
UNK, Lucinda Emilie 9 SEP 1824TN18 SEP 1855
UNK, Lucy
UNK, Lucy
UNK, Lydia
UNK, Mabel
UNK, Manda J 1897
UNK, Margaret 1830OH
UNK, Margaret
UNK, Margaret
UNK, Margaret
UNK, Living (Living)
UNK, Maria 1606Germany1629
UNK, Maria Christina
UNK, Maria Eva
UNK, Living (Living)
UNK, Marion ABT 1916
UNK, Martha
UNK, Martha
UNK, Martha
UNK, Martha J ABT 1843AR
UNK, Mary 17786 FEB 1883
UNK, Mary ABT 1730
UNK, Mary BEF 171720 NOV 1781
UNK, Mary 22 JUL 1777
UNK, Mary
UNK, Mary BEF 1870
UNK, Mary
UNK, Mary MAY 1858IL
UNK, Mary 1599
UNK, Living (Living)
UNK, Mary A 1832
UNK, Mary Ann 1806KY
UNK, Mary E
UNK, Mary J 23 SEP 183821 MAY 1911
UNK, Mary Jane JUN 1845MO1915
UNK, Mary Kelly
UNK, Mavis
UNK, Merlene Ann 4 JUL 1931MO12 MAY 1956
UNK, Mildred
UNK, Mildred
UNK, Mollie F ABT 1890TN
UNK, Living (Living)
UNK, Mossie Jane 22 JAN 19007 MAY 1978
UNK, Myrtle E ABT 1886
UNK, Nancy BET 1825 AND 1827TN
UNK, Nancy J 1829IN
UNK, Narcissus J 18 APR 18447 SEP 1862
UNK, Nora
UNK, Ollie M 1897MO
UNK, Opal
UNK, Patience
UNK, Rachel
UNK, Living (Living)
UNK, Rachel M 21 APR 18443 JAN 1898
UNK, Rebecca
UNK, Rebecca
UNK, Rebecca A FEB 1827NC1913
UNK, Living (Living)
UNK, Robert
UNK, Rowena DEC 1836AL
UNK, Sabina
UNK, Salome
UNK, Living (Living)
UNK, Sarah
UNK, Sarah 1601
UNK, Sarah Ann ABT 1824OH18 NOV 1853
UNK, Sarah E ABT 1840IL
UNK, Sarah F
UNK, Sophia
UNK, Susan OH
UNK, Susan J 8 SEP 18732 APR 1937
UNK, Susanna Margaret
UNK, Tabitha
UNK, Temperance
UNK, Living (Living)
UNK, Unk 1783
UNK, Unk
UNK, Velma
UNK, Veronica
UNK, Veronica
UNK, Wyatt
UNRUH, Jacob J 4 APR 1863Sparrau, Molotschna, Ukraine13 AUG 1946
UNRUH, John J 6 SEP 1889Mountain Lake, Cottonwood, MN
UNRUH, Mary 11 DEC 1887Mountain Lake, Cottonwood, MN24 DEC 1977
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