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Dr. Charles Andrew ARCHER,  

Born: 20 AUG 1876
Occupation: Doctor
Died: 29 AUG 1952 in AR
Age: 76 years
Children with Mary Meriweather FLANAGIN
Dr. Charles Andrew ARCHER Jr. Born: 21 JUN 1912
DeQueen, Sevier, AR
Died: 19 AUG 1995
Benton, Saline, AR
Mary Jane ARCHER Born: 3 JUL 1918
DeQueen, Sevier, AR
Died: 7 JUN 2013
Memphis, Shelby, TN
Notes: According to Elzie Flanagin, Dr. Archer was thought of by some as a very incompetent doctor. He worked on a number of family members and many of them died.
Dr. Charles Andrew ARCHER
20 AUG 1876 - 29 AUG 1952


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