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Born: 29 JAN 1759 in Lancaster Co, PA
Died: 28 DEC 1838 in Clarksville, Greene, PA
Age: 79 years
Buried: JAN 1839 in Clarksville, Greene, PA
   Born    Died
Children with Mary W KOONTZ
Nancy Jane ALLISON Born: 11 AUG 1805
Washington Co, PA
Died: 13 FEB 1895
Galena, Jo Daviess, IL
James Henry ALLISON Born: 6 FEB 1809
Washington Co, PA
Mary Brownlee ALLISON Born: 1817 Died:
John ALLISON Born: Died:
Thomas ALLISON Born: Died:
Samuel ALLISON Born: Died:
Jonathan ALLISON Born: Died:
Notes: The Descendants of John Allison of Washington County, Pennsylvania by James R Allison

"During the Wevolutionary War, Gavin served in the Washington County Pennsylvania Militia. He served as a private in the 4th Company, 3rd Battalion. He lived in Cecil Township at the time. The area later became part of St. Clair Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. In 1834, Gavin and Mary moved to Mercer County, Pennsylvania.

Many variations of Gavin Allison`s first name have been recorded in the public records and remembered by his descenants. These spellings include Gaius, Gian, Gaines, Gauyn, etc. However, they all refer to the same person."
29 JAN 1759 - 28 DEC 1838
ABT 1721 - 25 MAR 1790
31 DEC 1736 - 8 FEB 1818

Archibald BROWNLEE


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