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Rev. Matthew HENDERSON  

Born: 25 APR 1735 in Orwell Parish, Kinross, Scotland
Died: 2 OCT 1795 in Washington Co, PA
Age: 60 years
   Born    Married    Died
Children with Mary FERRIS
Matthew HENDERSON Born: 15 JAN 1762
Octorora, Lancaster Co, PA
Died: 21 JUL 1835
Mary HENDERSON Born: 1765 Died: 12 JUN 1841
Rev. Ebenezer HENDERSON Born: 1774
Oxford, Chester Co, PA
Died: 17 SEP 1804
Anne HENDERSON Born: 21 FEB 1781
Chartiers Twp., Washington Co, PA
Died: 4 OCT 1853
Hopewell Twp., Washington Co, PA
Elizabeth HENDERSON Born: Died:
Ellenor HENDERSON Born: Died: 12 APR 1800
Janet HENDERSON Born: Died:
John HENDERSON Born: Died: ABT 1799
Joseph HENDERSON Born: Died:
Robert HENDERSON Born: Died:

Rev. Matthew HENDERSON
25 APR 1735 - 2 OCT 1795


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