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Thomas JAMES1, 2  

Born: ABT 1621 in Lincolnshire, England
Died: 6 JUN 1696 in Southampton, Suffolk, NY
Age: About 75 years
Katherine BLUX
Children with Ruth JONES
Ruth JAMES Born: 2 MAR 1650
Southampton, Suffolk, NY
Died: BEF 1723
East Hampton, Suffolk, NY
Sarah JAMES Born: 1648
Southampton, Suffolk, NY
Died: 1701
Southampton, Suffolk, NY
Hannah JAMES Born: 1648
Southampton, Suffolk, NY
Died: 20 SEP 1706
East Hampton, Suffolk, NY
Mary JAMES Born: 1654
East Hampton, Suffolk, NY
Died: 14 FEB 1718
East Hampton, Suffolk, NY
Notes: Part of the inscription on his tombstone reads: He was Minister of the Gospell and Pastor of the Church of Christ.

The son of Rev. Thomas & Olive (Ingoldsby) James, he married (1) Ruth Jones, daughter of John & Sarah Jones, in 1646 in Fairfield, Conn. and (2) Katherine Blux on September 2, 1669 in Southampton, Long Island.

He lived with his parents in New Haven in the Colony of Conn. for several years, was a freeman there in 1645, and married his first wife the following year. The family removed to Easthampton, Long Island about 1650/51, where he became the first pastor there.

The will of Rev. Thomas James, dated June 5, 1696, mentions "eldest daughter, Sarah, wife of Peregrine Stanborough"; daughter Mary, wife of John Stretton; daughter Hannah, wife of James Dyment; daughter Ruth, wife of Thomas Harris; grandchildren, Mary Stanborough and Mary Stretton; daughter-in-law, Anne, now wife of Abraham Howell of Southampton, formerly wife of his son, Nathaniel; eldest grandson, John M. Stanborough; daughter-in-law, Mary, wife of John Mulford; daughter-in-law, Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Osborn; sons-in-law, Stanborough, Stretton, Dyment and Harris, executors; sons-in-law, Mulford and Osborn to be overseers. His will was proved June 23, 1696.
Bio provided by:
Nareen Lake,
Thomas JAMES
ABT 1621 - 6 JUN 1696
Thomas JAMES
1595 - 1682
1602 -

1554 - MAR 1612
Alice UNK
- 1627
1560 - 16 APR 1627
1577 - OCT 1616

Edward JAMES
1528 -
Elizabeth UNK
1532 -

- 1591/92
Mary UNK
- 1599
1540 - JAN 1621
Olive IRBY
- 1615


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