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Samuel MONDAY  

Born: ABT 1803 in Speedwell, TN
Occupation: Farmer
Died: ABT 1860 in Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
Age: About 57 years
Buried: in Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
   Born and Married and Died
Children with Delilah ROGERS
America MONDAY Born: 29 DEC 1826
Died: 12 APR 1872
Campbell Co, TN
William Lake MONDAY Born: 22 JUL 1827
Died: 18 NOV 1887
Claiborne Co, TN
Sadie MONDAY Born: ABT 1828 Died:
Mary S MONDAY Born: 10 JAN 1830 Died: 7 SEP 1902
Harriet Elizabeth M MONDAY Born: 5 SEP 1832
Claiborne Co, TN
Died: JAN 1891
Blue Spring Hollow, Union, TN
Hester Ann MONDAY Born: ABT 1836
Claiborne Co, TN
Died: AFT 1881
Dicey M MONDAY Born: ABT 1838
Died: ABT 1898
Sarah Jane MONDAY Born: 3 MAY 1840
Claiborne Co, TN
Died: 12 JAN 1891
Lafayette DeMarcus MONDAY Born: 19 SEP 1843
Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
Died: 4 JUL 1915
Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
Susannah M MONDAY Born: 9 JAN 1846
Claiborne Co, TN
Died: 7 NOV 1928
Rachel M MONDAY Born: ABT 1847 Died:
Samuel C MONDAY Born: 7 JUN 1850
Died: 25 FEB 1939
Claiborne Co, TN
Notes: Some info from “Claiborne Co., TN Court of Pleas & Quarter Session 1819-1821”
pg. 46 - February 14th 1820
Ordered by the court that notice issue to Armstead Brown to bring into the court on the first day of next term Samuel Monday to be bound an apprentice as the law directs.
ABT 1803 - ABT 1860


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