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Rachel AKINS,  

Born: 14 OCT 1830 in Liberty Hill, Grainger Co, TN
Died: 18 SEP 1910 in Le Roy, McLean Co, IL
Age: 79 years
Buried: in McLean Co, IL
   Married    Born and Married    Died
Children with James BROCK
Sarah F BROCK Born: 1865 Died:
Rachel Melinda BROCK Born: OCT 1868
Died: 5 JAN 1939
McLean, IL
Children with Jacob C BEELER
Matilda BEELER Born: 20 APR 1850 Died: 5 FEB 1926
Daniel Henry BEELER Born: 3 SEP 1853
Liberty Hill, Grainger Co, TN
Died: 5 FEB 1927
Liberty Hill, Grainger Co, TN
Enoch Brock BEELER Born: 17 SEP 1855
Grainger Co, TN
Died: 8 AUG 1933
McLean, IL
William Tillman BEELER Born: APR 1858

Rachel AKINS
14 OCT 1830 - 18 SEP 1910


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