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Catharine Solome AMBROSE  

Born: 1724
Died: 1804
Age: About 80 years
Buried: in Nelson Co,, KY
Johannes WELLER
Notes: According to kare4u581 on Ancestry:

• Catherine Salome Ambrose (Weller) and her husband, Johannes (John) Weller Sr. were left her father Mathia` entire estate, with the exception of 3 English pounds of Apple`s Church, according to his will made 19 October 1782 and submitted to court 16 Oct 1784. Catherine was named as next of kin in her brother Jacob`s will.

Catherine Salome Ambrose (Weller) moved with some children to KY in 1796.

• Catherine migrated from Frederick Co, MD to Nelson Co KY in 1796 after the death of her husband, Johannes "John" Weller. Most of her family migrated there. She died about 3 miles east of Bardstown, KY and are not certain if she is buried at the Mill Creek Cem or the Lutheran Cem. Her grave has not been found.

info from Joanne Ikeda

Catharine Solome AMBROSE
1724 - 1804
10 FEB 1696 - 10 AUG 1784


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