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Willie Leona KNOX  

Born: 23 OCT 1893 in Nr. Hale, Livingston, MO
Died: 13 JUN 1975 in Turlock, Stanislaus, CA
Age: 81 years
Buried: 16 JUN 1975 in Hughson, Stanislaus, CA
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Children with John David FLANAGIN 1,
Arthur Lewis FLANAGIN Born: 13 JAN 1921
Pawnee City, Pawnee, NE
Died: 26 SEP 2011
Newhall, Los Angeles, CA
Betty Marie FLANAGIN Born: 10 OCT 1922
Pawnee City, Pawnee, NE
Died: 24 OCT 2010
Mission Hills, Los Angeles, CA
Reah Maye FLANAGIN Born: 4 OCT 1926
Pawnee City, Pawnee, NE
Died: 9 DEC 2008
Denair, Stanislaus, CA
Jack David FLANAGIN Born: 24 DEC 1930
San Fernando, Los Angeles, CA
Died: 9 AUG 2010
Nipomo, San Luis Obispo, CA
Notes: Married by County Judge, Virgil Falloon. Witnessed by: J. R. Wihite and N.(H.) Proul(d,t). License #9105

3/10/01 from Carrie Esau:
"According to my mom, She knows they were not married in a church, but by a judge (court house). (I believe I heard the term Justice of the Peace used). Because they didn`t have a church wedding or a reception, Mother had a corsage and cake and an open house for their 50th wedding anniversary. She used the gold bells from that cake for her 50th wedding anniversary. Gma made a brown wool suit for her wedding, but later cut it up to make my mom a coat when she was a little girl and needed one. Mother thinks she has a picture of Grandma wearing that suit.

Hale, where Gma lived, was a tiny town, as Mother remembers driving through it. Gma lived in Hale, had relatives in Chilicothe but never lived there. My mom thinks the name of the town our Gma was born in begins with an "A". I`m guessing Avalon, but not sure why. She thinks that sounds familiar.

Our grandparents eloped, with parents knowledge. They honeymooned in MO for one week. It didn`t seem to bother either of them to spend it with her relatives. The town knew they had gotten married before they returned because they had bought rings at a store. They were given a chivalry upon their return.

I remember her saying they took the train to visit cousins because she wanted to show him off to them! She talked of a favorite aunt who gave her a wedding present of stemmed glassware. The set had belonged to her aunt for an unknown number of years already, and that was something people did in that give something personal rather than store bought if giving to/from someone special. They were married in1919 so those glasses are a minimum of 83 years old, plus how ever long her aunt had them.

I use them to this day for very special occasions. When Grandma gave them to me there was only one tiny chip in all those years, and there`s still only that one!

I also recall Grandma telling how they moved from one state to another in a covered wagon and put their dishes in barrels filled with sawdust. They poured water over all of it, the sawdust swelled, and protected their fragile dishes."

The family moved back and forth from Missouri to Kansas.
Willie Leona KNOX
23 OCT 1893 - 13 JUN 1975
Arthur Newton KNOX
15 MAR 1867 - 16 DEC 1939
Martha Elizabeth SHIPP
4 APR 1872 - 26 SEP 1903

Robert Luckey KNOX
12 DEC 1840 - 22 APR 1929
Nancy Jane FRIZELL
28 FEB 1846 - 5 FEB 1877
Obediah SHIPP
8 FEB 1823 - 29 OCT 1877
1836 - 25 FEB 1890

Robert KNOX
28 JUN 1796 - 27 AUG 1874
Jemima Ann SHIELDS
10 JUN 1799 - 18 JUL 1846
Nathan Meyers FRIZELL
21 SEP 1819 - 13 MAY 1906
Lucinda Emilie UNK
9 SEP 1824 - 18 SEP 1855
John Howard SHIPP
21 NOV 1790 - 27 MAR 1857
William M BURTON
1805 -
Mary Ann UNK
1806 -


1.Title: Marriage License
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