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Major David Franklin ROGERS,  

Born: 3 OCT 1779 in Wythe Co, VA
Occupation: Planter, powder manuf.
Died: 14 SEP 1871 in Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
Age: 91 years
Buried: in Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
   Born    Married    Died
Children with Mary Elizabeth LEWIS
William G ROGERS Born: 15 JUL 1801
Claiborne Co, TN
Died: 19 MAY 1862
Claiborne Co, TN
John Marshall ROGERS Born: 10 JUL 1803
Rogersville, Hawkins Co, TN
Died: 15 JUL 1861
Claiborne Co, TN
James ROGERS Born: 17 AUG 1805
Claiborne Co, TN
Died: 25 FEB 1893
Calhoun, GA
Rev. Russell Benjamin ROGERS Born: 7 NOV 1807
Claiborne Co, TN
Died: SEP 1862
Rev. Pleasant Marshall ROGERS Born: 9 SEP 1809
Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
Died: 20 FEB 1874
Pawnee City, Pawnee, NE
Col. Jesse Lafayette ROGERS Born: 6 OCT 1811
Powell Valley, Claiborne, TN
Died: 16 AUG 1888
Claiborne Co, TN
David Franklin ROGERS Jr. Born: 26 OCT 1813
Claiborne Co, TN
Died: 24 MAR 1893
Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
Isaac Newton ROGERS Born: 4 NOV 1815
Claiborne Co, TN
Died: 22 JUN 1873
Claiborne Co, TN
Elizabeth ROGERS Born: 3 OCT 1817
Claiborne Co, TN
Died: 30 SEP 1880
Claiborne Co, TN
Henderson ROGERS Born: 18 MAY 1820
Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
Died: 28 JUN 1892
Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
Hugh Lawson White ROGERS Born: 22 FEB 1822
Claiborne Co, TN
Died: 27 FEB 1895
Lewis Moon ROGERS Born: 31 DEC 1824
Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
Died: 25 JAN 1902
Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
Canada Hodge ROGERS Born: 30 JUN 1826
Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
Died: 8 AUG 1893
Speedwell, Claiborne Co, TN (could be 19th)
Notes: David and his brother William came as young men with their father when he moved to Speedwell.

He was called Major David because he was a major in the War of 1812. A tradition has it he fought with Jackson at the battle of New Orleans (probably not this David but David William)

Elected sheriff in 1801. He was the first sheriff of Claiborne Co, but, being unable to give bond, had to vacate his office.

Information from Stephen H. Rogers and the book "Old Speedwell Families" by Lawrence Edwards and Joy Edwards David, 1980, Southern Historical Press.

Occupation from RootsWeb, submitter: Dan Rohrback,

In the Legislature in 1836.

Some info from "Abstract of Pensions of Revolution, War of 1812 and All Wars Prior to 1883 of Claiborne Co., TN" 2/97
David was age 91 in 1871 at time of application

Some info from 1860 Claiborne Co., TN Census by Mark Treadway 10/97
Rogers, David Sr. 80 VA, 2000 real estate, 6020 personal prop., Oliva 78, Louis M. 36 TN, Mary M. 23.
Some info from 1870 Claiborne Co., TN Census by Mark Treadway 5/97
Rogers, Mj. David 90 VA, Mary 87 VA, Lewis 45 TN, - Francis Lastly 17 TN (f).

1820 Manufacturer`s Census: David Rogers in Claiborne County.

A list of the Different Manufacturing Establishments in Claiborne
County-East Tennessee - pg. 96

Some info from Kristin at
Rogers, David
- kind of machinery = 1 powder mill
- raw material = Peter and ?Grindstone? - 3450
- # of men employed = 2
- capital invested = $862
- amount paid for wages = 000
- Value of the article manufactured = pr pound 50 cents
taken by John Hunt.

David came to Washington Co., TN when he was 12 and in 1801 moved to Claiborne Co., TN

Military: David was a Major in the War of 1812 in Col. Lillard`s company of TN Militia. He enlisted in the White`s Brigade, Cook`s Division at Knoxville, TN 10-15-1813 and was discharged 1-14-1814 in Knoxville, TN.

He marched down the TN Valley & crossed TN River about Lookout Mtn. & marched through Cherokee Nation into Creek Indian Nation to Fort Armstrong. From there he & Gen. White Lea and Gilead _____ went on an express from Fort Armstrong to Fort Strother, Gen. Jackson`s head quarters, carrying a dispatch from Gen. Cock to Gen. Jackson.

Claiborne County History, Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1887. Reprinted 1990 by Mountain Press, Signal Mountain, TN, page 11:

David F. Rogers, farmer and stock raiser, was born near his present residence, October 26, 1813, the son of David and Mary (Lewis) Rogers. The former was of English origin, born in 1779, in Wythe County, VA. and deceased in this county, in 1873; the latter was of Scotch stock, born in Guilford County, NC, in 1781, and deceased in this county, February 13, 1880, in her one-hundredth year. The father came to Washington County when twelve years of age, and to this county in 1801, and was a farmer, and powder manufacturer.
In the Indian wars he was a major, and in the years 1829, 1830, 1831, 1832, 1835 and 1836 he was in the Legislature. He was a Union Republican. The mother was a Methodist. Our subject, the seventh of thirteen children, seven now living, has always lived near his birthplace, and has, by his reading habits, largely educated himself. When thirty-three years of age he began manufacturing and carding wool, also milling, continuing for 28 years. In 1875 he came to his present residence, which he bought of the McLaine heirs, and now owns about 1400 acres, which he has greatly improved, as it was a Confederate camping ground during the war. He is a Republican. May 12, 1836, he married Elizabeth, daughter of Elisha and Lydia (Merritt) Hampton, born in Stokes County, N. C., May 12, 1816. She is a Methodist. Their children are David, Josephine, John P. Silas I., Horace M., Sneed, W. F., Mary (deceased), Sarah A. (deceased), Hugh H. (deceased), and Reuben C. (deceased), Besides his own children he educated five grandchildren.

Major David Franklin ROGERS
3 OCT 1779 - 14 SEP 1871
Capt. John ROGERS
1 JUN 1757 - 5 JAN 1822
Elizabeth Ann BRITTON
1756 - 1792

Benjamin ROGERS
1715 - 1805
Martha UNK



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