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Capt. John ROGERS,  

Born: 1 JUN 1757 in Wythe Co, VA
Occupation: Powdermaker
Died: 5 JAN 1822 in Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
Age: 64 years
Buried: JAN 1822 in Claiborne Co, TN
   Married    Born and Married    Died
Children with Sarah KELLY
John Franklin ROGERS Born: ABT 1802 Died:
Hugh ROGERS Born: ABT 1804 Died:
Wesley ROGERS Born: ABT 1806 Died:
Samuel R ROGERS Born: ABT 1808 Died:
Thomas ROGERS Born: ABT 1810 Died:
Robert ROGERS Born: ABT 1812 Died: ABT 1843
Isaac ROGERS Born: ABT 1814 Died: AFT 1828
Joseph ROGERS Born: ABT 1816 Died: NOV 1833
Stephen ROGERS Born: ABT 1818 Died: AFT 1823
Madison M ROGERS Born: 3 MAY 1819
Claiborne Co, TN
Died: 27 FEB 1901
Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
Cornelius ROGERS Born: 14 DEC 1820
Claiborne Co, TN
Died: AFT 1880
Claiborne Co, TN
Britton ROGERS Born: ABT 1821
Claiborne Co, TN
Children with Mary BRAWLEY
Elizabeth ROGERS Born: ABT 1794 Died:
Reuben Brawley ROGERS Born: ABT 1795 Died:
Children with Elizabeth Ann BRITTON
Elijah ROGERS Born: ABT 1774 Died: ABT 1841
Dr. Rev. William D ROGERS Born: 4 FEB 1777
Wythe Co, VA
Died: 6 JUN 1836
Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
Major David Franklin ROGERS Born: 3 OCT 1779
Wythe Co, VA
Died: 14 SEP 1871
Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
John ROGERS Jr. Born: 28 DEC 1781
Wythe Co, VA
Died: 19 FEB 1861
Platte Co, MO
Benjamin ROGERS Born: ABT 1782 Died: AFT 1822
James ROGERS Born: ABT 1783
Samuel ROGERS Born: ABT 1784
Isaac ROGERS Born: ABT 1786 Died:
Joseph ROGERS Born: ABT 1787 Died:
Unk ROGERS Born: ABT 1788 Died:
Reuben B ROGERS Born: ABT 1789
Claiborne Co, TN
Died: 1840
Sarah ROGERS Born: ABT 1790 Died:
Jesse ROGERS Born: 3 MAR 1791
Wythe Co, VA
Died: 14 FEB 1872
Greene Co, MO
Matilda ROGERS Born: ABT 1793 Died:
Notes: Birthdate could be Jan 29, 1756. Birth place could be Culpeper Co, VA.
There are 2 grave markers, one showing a birthdate of June 1, 1757, the other has unknown.

According to notes in an old family Bible in possession of Ralph L. Rogers of Knoxville, TN in 1955;
He fired the shot that killed Major Patrick Ferguson, British commander, at the Battle of Kings Mountain, SC, October 7, 1780. About 2,000 colonial frontiersmen had gathered from neighboring states to replace Continental forces that had been lost at Battles of Charleston and Camden. Under Col. Wm. Campbell and Col. Isaac Shelby, the frontiersmen killed or captured almost the entire British force of 1,100 soldiers. Guns of several frontiersmen fired simultaneously at the time Ferguson fell. Many in action at that specific site claimed to have fired the fatal shot. The Fall of Kings Mountain was the first of a series of setbacks to end British efforts to hold North America.

From Rogers family tree books

From "Old Speedwell Families" by Lawrence Edwards & Joy Edwards Davis, c 1980 by John Edwards Davis, Southern Historical Press.

The Rogers family of Speedwell started with John Rogers, a Revolutionary War soldier, who married three times and had twenty-five children. John Rogers came into Powell Valley, to the neighborhood now called Speedwell, from Washington Co, TN, to which place he had earlier come from Wythe Co, VA. It is thought that he fought at the Battle of Kings Mountain. He settled at the spot where Johnny Ausmus lived, in the yellow brick house about a mile west of the Speedwell post office. The old Rogers homestead was the home of Major David Rogers, son of John, who built the east portion about 1799, possibly somewhat earlier.

Later moved to Washington Co, TN

Research: John came to Powell Valley, Claiborne Co., TN in 1799 from the Watauga Settlement and settled on a 400 acre land grant farm presently located on Old Hwy 63 about 2 miles west of the Speedwell Post Office. He is buried on his farm - monument is still standing.

Early Adventurers on the Western Waters, Vol III, Part 1, The New River of Virginia in Pioneer Days 1745-1805:

John Rogers was also mentioned in the early records of Mine Mill Creek area. There was a John, Sr., and a John, Jr., mentioned in a 1771 tithable llist, but in 1772 and 1773, there was only one on each of these lists. In 1782, John took up 200 acres on Mine Mill Creek adjoining the upper side of James Brawley, a tract later assigned to John Brawley, who received the grant in 1795 (Kegley, "Tithables, p 12, 32; Grant Book 24, p 497).

A John Rogers served 104 days with Captain William Herbert in 1774 and he was paid for his services. He is also mentioned in 1781 and 1782 on Newell`s lists. He was also paid 10/ following duty in NC in 1782 (Kegley, "Soldiers", p 49; Kegley, "Militia", p 30, 31; Summers, "Annals", p 771)

In 1778 and following, there are records of a John Rogers in Washington and Wythe Counties. In Wythe County, a John Rogers married Polly Brawley (Summers, "Annals", p 980); Wythe County Marriage Book 1, p 18, see Bralley sketch. Family tradition in the Rogers family stated that Benjamin, Sr, had a son John who moved to Washington County, TN about 1791).

Capt. John ROGERS
1 JUN 1757 - 5 JAN 1822
Benjamin ROGERS
1715 - 1805
Martha UNK



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