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Elizabeth Ann BRITTON,  

Born: 1756 in Henrico Co, VA
Died: 1792 in Wythe, VA
Age: About 36 years
   Born    Married and Died
Children with Capt. John ROGERS
Elijah ROGERS Born: ABT 1774 Died: ABT 1841
Dr. Rev. William D ROGERS Born: 4 FEB 1777
Wythe Co, VA
Died: 6 JUN 1836
Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
Major David Franklin ROGERS Born: 3 OCT 1779
Wythe Co, VA
Died: 14 SEP 1871
Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
John ROGERS Jr. Born: 28 DEC 1781
Wythe Co, VA
Died: 19 FEB 1861
Platte Co, MO
Benjamin ROGERS Born: ABT 1782 Died: AFT 1822
James ROGERS Born: ABT 1783
Samuel ROGERS Born: ABT 1784
Isaac ROGERS Born: ABT 1786 Died:
Joseph ROGERS Born: ABT 1787 Died:
Unk ROGERS Born: ABT 1788 Died:
Reuben B ROGERS Born: ABT 1789
Claiborne Co, TN
Died: 1840
Sarah ROGERS Born: ABT 1790 Died:
Jesse ROGERS Born: 3 MAR 1791
Wythe Co, VA
Died: 14 FEB 1872
Greene Co, MO
Matilda ROGERS Born: ABT 1793 Died:

Elizabeth Ann BRITTON
1756 - 1792


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