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Dr. Rev. William D ROGERS  

Born: 4 FEB 1777 in Wythe Co, VA
Occupation: Postmaster & 19 Oct 1836 10 JAN 1818 in Claiborne Co, TN
Occupation: Medical doctor in Claiborne Co, TN
Occupation: Minister in Powell Valley, Claiborne Co, TN
Died: 6 JUN 1836 in Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
Age: 59 years
Buried: JUN 1836 in Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
   Born    Married    Died
Children with Catherine LEWIS
Elizabeth ROGERS Born: ABT 1796
Roane Co, TN
Died: ABT 1863
Commerce, Jackson, GA
David William ROGERS Born: ABT 1799
Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
Died: 10 APR 1883
Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
Nancy ROGERS Born: AUG 1802
Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
Died: MAY 1863
Livingston Co, MO
Lewis Jackson ROGERS Born: 24 OCT 1803
Claiborne Co, TN
Died: 7 DEC 1901
Platte Co, MO
Sarah ROGERS Born: 8 MAR 1805
Claiborne Co, TN
Died: 6 OCT 1843
Claiborne Co, TN
Delilah ROGERS Born: ABT 1806
Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
Died: AFT 1889
Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
Susan ROGERS Born: 12 JUL 1809
Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
Died: MAY 1880
William Fletcher ROGERS Born: ABT 1815
Claiborne Co, TN
Died: 25 DEC 1871
Jefferson Co, KS
Mary Katherine ROGERS Born: 1811
Claiborne Co, TN
Died: 8 FEB 1857
St. Clair, Franklin MO
Hester Ann ROGERS Born: 5 OCT 1815
Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
Died: 8 FEB 1857
St. Clair, Franklin MO
Dicey Minerva ROGERS Born: ABT 1819
Claiborne Co, TN
Died: ABT 1850
Claiborne Co, TN
Dr. James Asbury ROGERS Born: 1821
Powell Valley, Claiborne Co, TN
Died: ABT 1860
Speedwell, Claiborne, TN
Notes: Some info from Bobbie at from “Some Pioneer Teachers & Preachers in TN”
Rogers, William. Early Methodist minister of Claiborne County, Tennessee. He was also a medical doctor. He was the son of John Rogers, Revolutionary soldier. His wife was Catherine Lewis, daughter of Solomon Lewis and Catherine Moon Lewis.
It was at Knoxville that Dr. Rogers and his wife came to hear Bishop Asbury hold a series of meetings for three days. Rogers was so impressed that he told his wife, “Catherine, what would you say if I told you that I was going to be a preacher?” She said, “Lord, see that you may!” He was licensed as a local preacher and became well known as a camp meeting preacher.
They were the parents of several children, and have many descendants in the area of Speedwell, Tennessee.

Thema: William Rogers occupation
Datum: 02/21/2000 5:45:51 AM GMT Standard Time
Von: SWDLookN

I think I have compiled enough documentation to prove once and for all the occupation of William Rogers, first son of John (the Powder Maker) Rogers.
In the early 1960s, my great aunt, Ruth Rogers Willets sat down at her kitchen table and recorded her memories of growing up on a farm in eastern Kansas at the beginning of the last century. Her parents also told her stories about their life and that of her grandparents. She published her book, A grandmother⠙s Memories, in 1965. It was this book that started me on my quest to find all I can about my forefathers.
After reviewing all the information I have gathered, I believe you will agree that William Rogers (1777-1836) was both a Doctor and a Methodist Minister.
1. In A Grandmothers Memories, page 20, Aunt Ruth wrote "My parental grandfather, William Fletcher Rogers, received his education in Tennessee, so it is also possible that he was born in the state of Tennessee. His father was a Methodist minister and a Doctor".
2. Claiborne County TN, Land & Property Deed Book U, page 515, lists all of William Rogers children. They are listed in order of their birth and it also lists who his daughters married. On page 517, the following is written; "The above conveys the interest of several heirs in the said tracts of land which descended to Dr. William Rogers".
3. Claiborne County TN, Land & Property Deed Book S, page 325, contains William F. Rogers power of attorney to John Kincaid. He authorized Kincaid to convey all of his interest in the lands owned by doctor William Rogers and R. B. Rogers.
4. Claiborne County TN, Land & Property Deed Book U, page 498, describes all of the tracts of land to be conveyed to Elisha McNew by William F. Rogers. It states in part; share of said tracts of land as one of the heirs at law of Doctor Wm. Rogers decd.; being the undivided twelfth part of half of said tracts, which half formerly belonged to Doctor Wm. Rogers Decd.
5. Obituary from Lathrop, Clinton Co. Missouri, Herald, Dec 12, 1901. Lewis Jackson Rogers. "His father was a minister in the M. E. church in Tennessee and an intimate friend of Gen. Jackson."
6. Type copy of John Weirs family Bible. (John Weir was William Fletcher Rogers father-in-law.) The family record states that Mary Issabella Grills Weir, 4th daughter of John and Dicy C. Weir was married to William F. Rogers, son of Doct. Wm. and Susan Rogers, Sept 2nd 1840.
This last item, #6, brings up another problem with the Rogers research in Claiborne Co. TN, namely Stephen H. Rogers and his uncle Lewis Moon Rogers. In all the books written about the Rogers before the 1940s, Dr.William Rogers wife is called Molly or Pollys sister or Solomon Lewis’s daughter, never by her given name. When they decided to replace the head stones for
John (the Powder Maker) Rogers, Dr. William Rogers and his wife, they must have decided that Susan Lewis was named after her mother. Not knowing that Catherine Moon Lewis was her step-mother and NOT the natural mother of Susan, they had the name Catherine engraved on the head stone. The stone also lists William Rogers death occurring in 1853 not 1836.
#7. 1850 Federal Census, pub. #M432-874, Page 329, Claiborne Co. TN,.Susan
(Lewis) Rogers is listed in the household of her son-in-law.
Clinton Y. Rice, age 30, Farmer
Dicy M. , age 31
James F. , age 2
Susan Rogers , age 68
James A. Rogers, age 30, Physician

I hope this clears up three things; the occupation of William Rogers, the given name of his wife, and the year he died.
I think you could be anything you wanted to be back then. If you were literate and studied medical books and had some knowledge of herbal medicine, you could hang out a shingle and become a doctor. If you studied the Bible, thought you could preach, you could start your church in the parlor.
I believe there were three or more William Rogers in Claiborne Co. in the early 1800s, our William who lived in Powell Valley; William, the Indian, who lived on Bald Creek; and William, who lived in the town of Tazwell. Does anyone know which one was Recorder of Deeds?


Research: William inherited the Speedwell farm

Abt 1796 when William M. D. was 18, he married Catherine (Susan) "Molly" LEWIS, F, daughter of Solomon LEWIS Sr., M & Catherine (Moon) MOORE, F, in TN. Born on 1 Jan 1781 in Surry Co./Guilford Co., NC. Catherine (Susan) "Molly" died in Speedwell, Claiborne Co., TN, on 1 Oct 1853; she was 72. Buried in Shutters Cemetery, Speedwell, Claiborne Co., TN. Religion: Methodist.

Some info from "More Speedwell Familes" by Joy Edwards Davis 11/96

Some info from Paul Johnson`s Claiborne Co., TN Cemetery book pg. 200 - Only Years given for dates in cemetery book

Some info from "Families of Dallas, Lourens, & Rogers" by Zella Rogers Dallas & Eureatha Rogers Lourens & John Keith Lourens 2/97

They had the following children:

Dr. Rev. William D ROGERS
4 FEB 1777 - 6 JUN 1836
Capt. John ROGERS
1 JUN 1757 - 5 JAN 1822
Elizabeth Ann BRITTON
1756 - 1792

Benjamin ROGERS
1715 - 1805
Martha UNK



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