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Reuben Brawley ROGERS  

Born: 29 OCT 1832 in TN
Occupation: Farmer & Cattle feeder
Died: 17 JAN 1899
Age: 66 years
Children with Nannie ALLNUTT
Minnie ROGERS Born: Died:
Daisy ROGERS Born: Died:
Margaret ROGERS Born: Died:
Richard ROGERS Born: Died:
Willard ROGERS Born: Died:
Ellen ROGERS Born: Died:
Notes: From History of Clinton County, MO (St. Joseph, Mo.: National Historical Co., 1881) Pg 252-3:

Farmer and cattle feeder, section 14, post office Lathrop, is a native of Knoxville, Claiborne Co., TN, and was born on the 29th day of October, 1832. When ten years of age he, with his parents, moved to Platte Co., MO, in 1842, and remained there till 1848, when he came to Clinton County, settling in section 25. Here he assisted on the farm till about 1868. When sixteen years of age he had begun speculating on his own account, and before becoming of age he done much business in this line, principally in the northern counties of MO. In 1861, he became a member of an independent cavalry company. In 1862, engaged in the cattle trade quite extensively. During the rebellion he was an active politician, being a staunch Republican. He is a good illustration of what economy and perseverance can accomplish; having began in life with small means, and having been prudent in his expenditures, he richly merits the success which has attended his career. He found a wife in the person of miss Nanna Allnut, whom he married in October, 1872. Their family consists of six children: Minnie, Daisy, Maggie, Richard, Ellen and Willard.

Reuben Brawley ROGERS
29 OCT 1832 - 17 JAN 1899
Lewis Jackson ROGERS
24 OCT 1803 - 7 DEC 1901
Elizabeth CARR
9 OCT 1805 - 8 FEB 1868

Dr. Rev. William D ROGERS
4 FEB 1777 - 6 JUN 1836
Catherine LEWIS
1 JAN 1781 - 1 OCT 1853

Capt. John ROGERS
1 JUN 1757 - 5 JAN 1822
Elizabeth Ann BRITTON
1756 - 1792
Solomon LEWIS
1750 - 6 MAR 1843
Catherine Moon MOORE
1759 - 25 AUG 1845


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